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Featured Author: April Munson

In addition to April's newest book, she's also written and illustrated two other children's books: The Magic of Christmas Eve, and her debut children's book, Old Nell and the Mock Froggy Pie. Her delightful watercolors also illustrate the challenges and adventures of raising three children, two of them being hearing-impaired, in Beckon Us There to Dream, a light-hearted, yet candid book of poetry by Betty Sprague.


April has a BFA degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. "I’m an artist who loves a good story," she says. "I married a writer, and we have two grown sons. I’ve worked in publishing for eighteen years. Illustrating my ideas, writing down the stories and poems that come to me, and creating children’s books brings immeasurable joy.  My goal: Convey that same joy to readers through pictures and words.